Mission Matters


It does? Why?

Goodwill’s mission, Building Lives That Work, is the reason you and I are here. Since its humble beginnings in 1902, when our founder, Edgar Helms, established Goodwill to give hope and purpose to poor immigrants in Boston, Goodwill has grown to the organization it is today. We exist solely to provide jobs for people in our community, giving them the means to care for themselves and their families.


Where would you be without Goodwill today?

When a donor drops off their unwanted items at our donation door, these items are sold in our stores, and the money is used to fund vocational programs so that people can learn job skills and get good jobs. Our vocational team works with these individuals, providing guidance and support and giving them the tools they need to find employment. Last year, Goodwill helped over 4,500 people find jobs.gdwil_banner08

We each play a very important part in Goodwill’s existence. Whether our job is to accept unwanted items from our community, process the donations, stock shelves with merchandise, operate the cash register when someone purchases the items, perform clerical and administrative tasks to keep the operation running smoothly, or provide vocational services to people who need our help, WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT.

It is crucial that we provide excellent customer service to our donors and customers, and perform our job functions to the best of our ability. Our donors and customers are Goodwill’s lifeblood, providing each of us the opportunity to work and earn a paycheck. Goodwill is BUILDING LIVES THAT WORK.